Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Consider this, You have a website for your business and have made your online presence. People start visiting your site and there’s lot of traffic because of your content and user experience. People feel like they are in an art gallery. But then they just visit and go, like it was a museum. Everyone enters the site but they leave soon. They don’t make the purchase or even land on your services. Well, you need a CRO!

CRO or website optimization is fine-tuning your website to meet your business objectives. A website without CRO is like a man without an aim. Your website will be aimlessly increasing traffic. We, at 7 stones help you fine-tune your website and convert your traffic into potential customers using CRO!

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CRO can be done at two stages:

1. If you don’t have a website, we help you optimise it from day <1!>
We help you design a website hasn’t gone live yet so that it is conversion optimized from the very beginning. We tailor your content in a way that audience are converted from the beginning.
2. If you already have a website, we will help you optimize it too!
You have a website but you not able to make your visitors buy your products. In this case we will analyze your site with the data and make it content optimized with the help of various tools.

Short Overview On Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. By viewing your business site through the customer’s eyes, you understand what’s misleading and what’s leading them to buy. There are ways you can find out:

  • Feedback
  • Data analytics
  • Surveys
  • Forms
  • Polls
  • Funnels
  • Recording
  • Heat Maps

You are probable wondering what the last one is. Let’s break that down for you. Heat Maps are a data map on your site that shows you where your customer, clicks, scrolls and reads or even sees for a long time. It gives you an idea of what your customers do when they are on your site and eventually find why they leave or don’t make the purchase. We study these heat maps to attract your site visitor’s attention and convert them into potential customers.

We find out how you can get better conversions by many ways:

This is how your site users end up on your site. By organic searches or by links hared. We find that out to improve the conversions and find why they live after they end up on your site. 
This is where your site visitors first land. This is a crucial page as it is where they decide whether to stay or leave. Hence, we work extensively on your landing pages to convert the site visitors into potential customers.
Just like the name, a website contains funnels to lead your customers to a point. Imagine if a funnel has a hole, and you pour your contents. The same way, you don’t what very little customers reaching to the final stage.


The price of CRO depends on a number of factors, such as Amount of content on the landing page, Testing of the landing page, Profile Creation, Optimization of the landing page, etc.


To Increase Your visibility Online


Aggressive Plan


Market Leader


Top Market
Initial Report of Findings - What Portions of Site to Test/Optimize for Conversions + Optimization Suggestions
Initial CRO campaign (First 2 months) Up to 24 hours spent Up to 34 hours spent Up to 44 hours spent
Initial CRO campaign (First 2 months) A/B tests launched per month (Complete testing cycle is 60 days) 1 test 2 tests 6 tests
Ongoing - CRO, project management & reporting time allocation Up to 4 hours per month Up to 9 hours per month Up to 20 hours per month
Ongoing - A/B tests launched per month (Complete testing cycle is 60 days) 1 test every 2 months 1 test/month 3 tests/month
Testing duration (A/B tests are typically run of different pages/sections of the site) 15 day setup, 45 day test period 15 day setup, 45 day test period 15 day setup, 45 day test period
Use of Google Optimize for A/B testing (Client Google Analytics access is required)
Initial heatmap and click stream testing and analysis Up to 10 pages Up to 15 pages Up to 25 pages
Raw Heat Map Data Provided
Initial Website User Testing Videos - Up to 15 minute video (Q&A + summary of findings for each video) 3 videos 5 videos 8 videos
Ongoing Website User Testing Videos - Up to 15 minute video (Q&A + summary of findings for each video) {# every 6 months} - 3 videos every 6 mo. 5 videos every 6 mo.
Conversion tracking code setup
Goal Funnels Setup - Initial Analytics + Reporting
Online project management scheduling
ROI & split test reporting schedule Every other month Monthly Monthly
Creative design for A/B testing
Single point of contact
Market research
Conversion strategy
Conversion best practices documentation
Static calls to action design
Lead form setup/modifications
Navigational modifications
Multivariate conversion testing
USP and headline copywriting
Setup of auto responders
Confirmation/thank you page
Incoming traffic reporting and recommendations
Conversion path implementation
Lead forms integrated into supported CRMs (ex., Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, etc)
Performance test reporting
Conversion reporting
Marketing Cloud Platform setup & included
Google AdWords conversion audit (one-time)
Ecommerce websites -
Incoming traffic analysis -
Marketing Cloud Platform website personalization -
Marketing Cloud Platform personalization design of 1 masthead or 2 CTAs -
Shopping cart abandonment testing -
Minimum Initial Investment (Months) 2 Months 4 Months 6 Months
CRO costs 45,000 INR 1,20,000 INR 1,76,000 INR
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Ways to enhance Conversion Rate of your site!

You are entering a store to buy a dress. Everything is stacked up and it takes you time to choose. How would you feel being in a boring store? It’s the same for websites! Design gives you the best outlook and presentation of your products/services in your site. Our professionals work with the best tools to make your audience feel like they are in a state-of-the-art store.

They feel refreshed when they enter your site and that’s the first step to make them buy. Making your audience buy your products without a good user experience is like asking them to choose the best dress from the stack of clothes. Design lets your audience find what they want in an easy way.
In a store, you have your customer service executives to guide your customers. But in the site, copywriting takes the place of the personnel to guide your audience. Hence, we make sure we clarify your audience doubts by simplifying and explaining them.

Poor copywriting is like a cloth store without the salesperson. Everything is arranged properly but the customers don’t know where the trial room is and leave the store out of frustration. You really don’t want that. Remember all customers aren’t patient. You need to guide them and we do that by our copywriting skills.

Direct Response Copywriting: Our experts work on your homepage, product landing pages and produce an advertising campaign that has the tendency to persuade a positive lead to take action and become a customer.
Usability is the ease-of-use for your potential customer. We optimize usability by many ways:
  • User Interface
  • User experience
  • Graphic interface
  • Website layout
  • Website navigation
  • Clear typeface
  • Responsive design
This is a button that pops up on the landing page and is used to lure the customer to complete the action like “Discount” or “Offer” or “Sign Up” or “Buy”. This is a kind of marketing strategy used in the business that targets the audience respond through action. Call-to-action buttons are crucial for your site. In every possible corner you need to have one. These buttons must be tailored in a way it is hard to resist to click on it.

Popular sites like Amazon have call-to-action buttons everywhere. It’s not just about placing everywhere, you need to be aware of certain factors to make it tempting to click on it. Your call-to-action must be irresistible to the site visitor that they can’t help but click!

Our experts work on these factors to make your audience tempted to click


The design of the call-to-action button must be simple and attractive. We use the right colors and form.


You have an attractive call-to-action button with a good message. Now it’s very important to make your button visible to the audience.


The right description on the button decides the response. It must be trustworthy and not too unrealistic.

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