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Sharing unique insights, from initiation through all stages of growth.

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“ Value expansion in all businesses “

We are working to build a future where everyone can access financial support efficiently and sustainably. Our work is based on passion, on our unique strengths and skills, on the quality of our partners and in recognising that diversity across all aspects of our operations and organisation is something to be cherished. We believe in the value of long term partnerships with the companies we invest in, as we continue to grow with them through our business solutions and strategies.

Started from the bottom as a small time venture now we are at the pinnacle of success and when we look back, it was the customers trust and our constant hardwork that laid the foundation and continuing to break the barriers with the support of the companies we invested in and our well-known reputation among customers.

And with the services we are providing from printing, corporate gifting, marketing, catering and investing both our money and trust in companies, we dedicate our lives to enriching the lives of many people by establishing and supporting their business through our world leading business services and we are not going to stop as we are expanding our business by partnering with 7 Stones Digital and we are looking forward to a prosperous tomorrow.

Most Important People

Amur Enterprise Founder

Mr. Ashish Narang


Sri Amur Enterprise explores to understand entrepreneurs as individuals, value their individuality and play to their strengths. Because greatness does not have a stereotype. From the earliest days through all phases of growth, I believe in supporting unique founders with unique insights as they take the seeds of promise and grow them into amazing, enduring companies

Amur Enterprise Salse Head

Mr. Rajesh S Senguttuvan

Head - Sales and Marketing

I strongly believe that "After all, creating and fostering Relationship’s - and giving back - is a cornerstone of conducting business today." Sri Amur Enterprise's expertise has helped businesses to get their message to the target audience with clarity.

Services of Sri Amur Enterprise

Printing & Fabrication

Pioneer in functional printing, design & manufacturing of labels, membrane switches, consistency & customer satisfaction.


The most absolute marketing platform on web , persistent for your brand’s online presence and marketing.


Lower commission & better execution are the two elements of our axiom.

Corporate Gifting

Artistically curated gifts to cater to your needs , crafted for all ilks of business.

Catering For Corporate Events

Catering service that will leave a lasting impression , going above & beyond for your satisfaction.


A range of funding support is provided for your business establishment and growth .

Value expansion in all businesses

We are in the crucial phase of digitalisation process. Partnering with the best has helped us in taking a step further towards our vision


Vision is encrypted in the DNA of Amur Enterprises , we constantly push the limits to shape a better tomorrow with our world leading service and financial support . Our acumen when it comes to business is beyond comparison and our ability to support your business is well known. Our panel of visionaries are functioning endlessly to build a future where everyone’s business is provided with support and care they deserve .

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Our Locations

We are ever expanding , as we are far-reaching with our services . We operate from even the most rural areas to your next step commercial hub , from the remote destination to the metropolitan cities ,we are based on Chennai but we are omnipresent as we continue to grow with our new ventures . Sri Amur Enterprise is trying to reach even the small scale business with great potential .

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Our mission can be characterised as the strong growth of all businesses we partner with, which is sustainable even in challenging scenarios.Sri Amur Enterprise is driven by passion and our admiration for a connected world .

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