Case Study

Fatlozz Clinic Added the Weight of Professionalism To the Website for Long Term Growth

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We live in a digital world where everything is monitored and handled digitally. Whether it is to find the nearest restaurant or to get your favourite food delivered at your doorstep, everything is internet dependent now. Surviving in this ever-evolving digital real is certainly strenuous and overwhelming. Hence, businesses are treading every extra mile to make their presence count. It is quite evident that to establish a significant brand value; businesses require a promising online identity that can help them attract the target audience and expand their horizons.

From social media interactions to enhancing customer experience, every little effort counts in this digital realm. Having a great website is considered as a big leap to make your presence felt.

Fatlozz Clinic and Its Struggle With Poor Marketing Techniques

Boosting people’s confidence by helping them lose weight over time, Fatlozz Clinic is an anti-obesity clinic that aims to help people gain confidence by losing extra body weight. Just like any other weight loss business, Fatlozz Clinic was passionate about their work and had all the necessary mechanism to help individuals. But what they lacked in this digital world of business was an effective website. Fatlozz Clinic never prioritized the need for a website. Hence, they had a less intuitive website that hardly brought any online sales. The marketing team had a hard time enhancing the conversion rates that were eventually hampering their growth.
Having an attractive and interactive has become the need of the hour for Fatlozz Clinic as they were struggling with increasing their online sales and retaining their clients. It is quite certain that today’s digital customers would look into a concerned company’s website before entrusting them with their money. So, Fatlozz Clinic was lagging on that part. Customers often landed on their page only to go back disappointed. It was a concerning issue that needed to be addressed.

Revamped Website That Expedited The Growth

The search Fatlozz Clinic for getting an effective website came to an end when 7stonesgroup took over the project. Addressing the core concerning areas of the website, 7stonesgroup was able to build a highly interactive, intuitive and effective website for Fatlozz Clinic. For instance, it was important to create a comprehensive appointment scheduling page where customers can book their appointment with the experts. Blogs, newsletter and social media sharing buttons were some of the important additions that needed to be made on the website. Customers are inclined towards the brands that can not only provide the solutions but also educate them on the concerned area. Hence, the developers also added a BMI calculator on the site where customers can analyze their growth.

Reflecting Professionalism With a Reliable Website

There’s no doubt in asserting that a website depicts the idea of a business. Hence, it is import to make the website as great as possible. Fatlozz Clinic definitely lacked the professional touch on their website that was hindering their growth. With a website that speaks for their credibility and quality services, Fatlozz Clinic was able to redeem its position in the market as the best anti-obesity clinic.