Case Study

Cakewaves: Serving Delicious Cakes on a Digital Note

Cake Waves_Case Study

Sugar cravings are best curbed by a lip-smacking cake. It is quite evident that the bakery industry is ever-evolving. Today cakes and pastries are found everywhere and what makes a baker popular among the crowd is uniqueness in its work.

There are millions of bakery shops across the world that are known for their specialities and unique offerings. But, what sets them apart from the rest of their peers is something that places them as a prominent name in the industry. Cakewaves is one such bakery in the industry that has carried the passion of baking through generations. Unlike any other bakery, passionate bakers of Cakewaves were determined not just to bake flavoursome cakes but to pour in sheer love into them.

Digital Hindrance Blocking The Growth of Cakewaves

The journey of Cakewaves began with the founder Mr Paulsamy back in 1972, who had a vision of starting a baker. His vision was carried forward by his sons, who continued the business with their own dreams and hopes. Establishing a business in the digital world certainly requires some pre-requisites that ensures the long term success of the brand. Cakewaves have already established their prominence with their name, but what was hampering their growth was their digital footprint.
Today, in order to tread towards digital success, every business need to have a strong online presence that makes them visible, and Cakewaves was lagging behind on that part. Their traditional marketing techniques were hardly bringing any success. It was high time that they prioritize their online identity and embrace digital marketing.

Sure Shot Success is Just A Website Away!

Cakewaves were good at traditional marketing and word of mouth business tactics, but they were certainly not tapping into the digital needs. It has become highly essential for Cakewaves to think about their digital footprints. That’s when 7stonesgroup came to their rescue. There was a lot that Cakewaves had to catch up in the digital realm. Starting with an interactive website was the baby steps towards achieving the required success in the industry.
Cakewaves have now started their eCommerce website that aligns over 200+ bakery products. The website is quite impressive and alluring for a bakery store. It is quite certain that when a customer visits a bakery store online, they would expect some chromatic colours and drool-worthy pictures of the products. That’s exactly what the Cakewaves’ website is all about. It equips all the necessary tabs and features that are needed to create an ideal online presence for the brand. From the dashboard, social media sharing buttons, to intuitive product display, with a potent website Cakewaves was able to carve out their digital presence.
Cakewaves Bounced Back With Their Digital Prominence The online identity, when amalgamated with their offline significance, Cakewaves was able to redeem their position in the market. They have been able to build a strong clientele that extends to a wide range of industries. Customers are now able to get their favourite cakes from the comforts of their homes, and it has certainly added to the growth of Cakewaves.