When it comes to website maintenance, it's actually difficult to know where to start. Many business owners are in the urge of building a website and launching it. But they fail to look back. In this scenario, website maintenance is completely ignored. This eventually results in losing your valuable customers as well as the SERP position of the website goes down.Routine maintenance of your website is necessary to make sure that all components are working properly.

A website which isn't checked on a regular basis creates a bad impression for both the existing and new visitors. To maintain a website, a list of tools are available which is simple, easy to use and doesn't require any technical knowledge.

Rank checker for Firefox

It is an added advantage to know where your website ranks in the search engine. A rank checker can be a helpful tool to know your website ranking in Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc. Additionally, this tool helps in monitoring your site's progress in SERP. If you are a beginner to this tool, the explainer video can help you as to how to check a website ranking.


As soon as new links are generated, Linkstant helps to identify the new link that is directed to your website. This tool is essential for link building, monitoring and quickly correct links with anchor text. Errors in anchor text are considered as "red flag" by search engines.

Anchor text over optimized text

When anchor texts are overly optimized, it causes keywords dilution. This tool helps to identify texts that are overly optimized. Risk your effort in the early stage to avoid losing your keywords ranking.

Domain Hunter Plus

Domain Hunter Plus helps to identify the broken links on a website. This tool has the capability of crawling on all your links in the website. Also, this tool can help you to know if the domain still exists. Each broken link is connected with SEOMOZ data to reveal the number of broken links to that specific page and domain

Google Webmaster tool

Google/Bing webmaster tool helps to diagnose problems linked with inbound and outbound links. Additionally, the webmaster tool can help you with website maintenance process as it has a wide range of resources.

Google page speed insight

The important factor of any website is its loading time. The loading time of any website can affect the rank on SERP. No matter how strong your attractions are, the audience would easily shift to another website if it takes too long to load.


The authenticity of an email address is essential to analyze if the mail id really exists. This tool works better with email address testing.

Google Analytics

Google analytics tool gives a detailed report on a website traffic. They can help you to know where the traffic comes from, conversion process, bounce rate, their movement within the site, where they navigate and much more. There is a list of essential website maintenance tools that can simplify your task of maintaining a website. The above-specified tools can ease stress and help you focus on areas of importance which needs improvement. Visitors can thus enjoy and engage with your website.

The success of a company depends on the site's usability. Check out how web design impacts user experience.

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