Instagram is now making a big move into E-Commerce. Facebook-owned Instagram is developing a new shopping app for users who are on the look-out for opportunities to expand the business. The app is to be named - "IG Shopping" - the Verge first reported. The company is making a major move into the $3 billion e-commerce market. Also, the app would allow users to purchase products from the businesses they follow on Instagram. As there are many shopping apps in development, there are still chances that it could be killed before it ever makes it to the market.

Ashley- Head of Instagram's fashion said that the company has planned to expand its shopping team which is based in New York. The office is recently renovated in the old Wanamaker building to accommodate its staff. The shopping group includes 290 members which are set to expand to 350 by the year-end. The Chief operating officer of Facebook- Sheryl Sandberg said, 'About 25 million businessmen have Instagram accounts in which 2 million are advertisers. According to the company, about 200 million people look at feeds of one or more brands in a day and 60% Instagrammers discover new products every day.

The exact timing of the launch of "IG Shopping" is not known. The company is gradually experimenting, to roll out some of its functionalities. Earlier in November 2016, the company began testing a feature where businesses can tag products in their posts. And a user can click through the business's website if they are ready to buy the product. Even celebrities and verified users can tag products in their posts. Followers can tap on and make a purchase. The feature was broad open since last March to business people who sell apparels, jewelry and beauty products. For making a purchase, Instagram has developed a native payment platform. Later in June, the company began expanding this feature to Instagram stories. The last standalone offering from Instagram was the launch of IGTV.

Instagram's dedicated shopping app can be a great initiative taken by the company. It can make it easier for businesses to turn shoppers into loyal customers. However, it is hard to predict as of how users would respond to the shopping app which is still in process by the company. This is not the first app that the company is experimenting with. Efforts are also being made to replace the current Direct Message feature into a messaging app.

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