A cornerstone for any successful online marketing is an "effective Landing page". A landing page is any page on your website upon which visitors land. A good landing page needs to be flawless, else your business is bound to suffer.

landing page is any webpage on which an Internet visitor first arrives on their way to an important action that you want them to take on your site" - Tim Ash

An effective landing page encourages the visitors to buy, sign up, visit any physical location, or take any necessary actions. This helps to increase conversion.

How should a landing page look like?

Should the text be too much? What is the landing page all about? Does that require a couple of paragraphs? Maybe more images? Comments? Shares? Or maybe a click?

It all depends. When it comes to content, there is no one size which fits all solution.

  • Use as much text to adequately convey the goal of a landing page.

  • Use effective Call-to-Action.

  • Text and spacing should be consistent.

  • Make it to the point.

  • Be simple and clear.

  • A good landing page grabs the attention of the users which compels them to complete conversion.

Organized design

The structure of a page design creates a huge impact on the effectiveness of the landing page. The primary goal for any landing page is to convert the visitors. So all the elements of your page should work focusing on this objective. Using warms colors like red and yellow makes a page attractive and attention-grabbing. They can also increase the landing page conversions. But there has to be a strong contrast between the foreground and background.

Be a minimalist

A website should have a clear navigation without any distraction. Too many information or even pop-ups can overwhelm the visitors. So try your best to make it short, simple and nothing extra. Bullet points can be used to explain details. Use clickable video to explain details. Highlight the key points of your offer with text.

Mobile friendly

Most of the visitors access the internet in their mobile as 30% of the conversions come via mobile. They can also double your conversions. So it is essential that your landing page can be easily navigated on mobile devices. Navigation on a mobile device should be easy, clickable and fast loading.

Clear Call-to-Action

A clear Call to action increases conversion. It can be used either in the headline or in the button text. Call to actions in the main headline is used to confirm an offer and explains more in the subheading. A call to action (CTA) should clearly tell the visitor what they should do without any further explanation.

Relevant images

A landing page should have bright eyes catching images which attracts the visitors and has a better overall experience. Use quality images. Also, you can draw attention by using a bright button as the focal point of your page.

Loading time

Loading time of a web page has a tremendous effect on the bounce rate. Speed is very essential for any page. So make sure that your website takes minimum time to load. Loading time can be minimized by avoiding large image files, cache tools, and speedy web host. Landing pages are essential as they retain visitors, convert them into buyers and subscribers. It might sound like a lot of work, but when all these things are put together and used correctly, landing pages can be tremendously powerful in boosting conversions.

Web design is the most crucial element and has a huge impact on the e-commerce world. Learn how web design impacts user experience.

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