Today everyone likes to be really active on social networking sites. To keep this spirit up they often upload their images and videos for their viewers. The worst situation occurs when they want to upload a profile picture and it crops by default. That's why learning about social media image sizes is essential. Images are the mirrors for the clients to a brand as a whole. It probably lays the first impression about the brand. It's really important that the images are sharp and quite evident to serve the purpose. One wrong step can ruin all the hard work. Here this blog is about the sizes of the images for different social networking sites. Here some points are to be followed to have a hassle free pictures uploading at different social media platforms.

  • Make a list of the sizes of images for different sites
  • Make sticky notes
  • Stick them at  workplace
  • Before uploading an image just have a glance at the notes and that's it.

These pointers will be helping in the best way. The next important segment is about the sizes of the images.

1. Facebook:

  • Profile Picture :

The latest updates shows that in every second there are 20,000 people on Facebook and 350 million photo uploads every day. It is really important to know about the sizes of the images. The profile picture is the one thing that comes forth first to the viewers. It should have clarity and sharpness.Profile picture size should be 180 × 180 px.

  • Facebook business page profile picture :

There are around 3 million advertisers on Facebook. It's the best platform to promote a business. The profile picture should be presentable enough for that perticular  business. It will be good to upload the brand Logo or anything dominant enough.  It's dimensions are exactly the same as the profile picture, that means 180 × 180 px. It's really an important image as it will appear in news feed, posts and in comments too.

  • Facebook cover image size:

Everyone knows that Facebook cover picture lays a great impact on one's business. A few companies who have an effective cover image got millions of likes and subscribers.  Users mainly get attracted to the images which are eye catching. That's why one should be really cautious before uploading the cover page picture. They should stick with the size of  800 × 312 px. This is the perfect size.

2. Twitter :

  • Twitter Profile Picture :

Again it's a great platform for businesses. Twitter's iconic Blue Bird Logo is named after a basketball legend named Larry Bird. According to the recent stats around 500 million tweets are dispatched in every 24 hours every day. Having a twitter account arises a question that why does a profile picture matter?   Here is a simple example: Whenever people having accounts on Twitter tweet then it takes a second to get hundreds of tweets on a single post. But the important thing is to get noticed by the people. In such case a   profile picture matters a lot and the most important thing is to know the accurate size for it. The size of the profile picture should be 400 × 400 px.

  • Twitter Image size :

It's quite evident that everybody is interested in a tweet if it's attached with images or videos. Images strongly put the words in front of the viewers. So if one wants to make his tweets stand out on the Twitter Feed then he should tweet with an image with a size of  1024 × 512 px.

3. Instagram :

  • Instagram Profile Picture :

It's amazing to know that there are 1 million advertisers and 800 million users on Instagram. Instagram is all about images. It's the best platform for brands to showcase themselves through lots of images and videos. Using the right size of the picture is important so that it looks amazing in all the devices. It's size should be 180 × 180 px.

  • Instagram Photo size :

As per the recent updates there are millions of users and companies can make their small business quite successful by connecting with them. It's a platform where they can upload pictures of their  products, team  and even their   happy costumers to get more customers. But   a picture always appears differently in a cell phone from how it appears on the desktop. If it's not of the right size then it   will be cropped  , and that will surely kill the beauty and the purpose of the picture. 1080 × 1080 px size image should be uploaded for the best result.

4. YouTube:

  • YouTube Profile Picture:

What strikes the mind talking about YouTube? Obviously, it's videos only and pictures of those  who upload great videos. It's a perfect platform for the videos and getting famous by the viewers. One has to be really cautious for the profile picture because it is the first thing people notice about him. The profile picture will be cropped in a circle. Here one cannot risk a low-quality image. The perfect size for it is 800 × 800. Never try to reduce the size as it will become a low quality image.

  • YouTube Channel Cover Picture:

Now a day's everybody wants to get flourish by getting famous  online. People make a Youtube channel to promote their business. As according to the recent studies more than 3 billion videos are viewed per day. So it becomes really easy to get viewed and promoted. Now again it's the picture which will be seen in many devices and it takes large space too. Always try to take time to choose what should be displayed for a channel and what suits it better before uploading it. The picture size should be 2560 × 1440 px for a YouTube channel cover.

5. Google+:

  • Google + Profile Picture :

  Google + is somewhere better than the Facebook for business perspective. Now the question is, why? In simple words, Facebook allows its users to get connected with the people whom they already know, but Google + allows them to get connected with people whom they don't know. Their   profile images have an important role to play. It actually performs their Google profile picture, therefore, they should choose it right in all the ways. It displays with all the posts. It's size should be 250 × 250 px.

  • Google+ Cover Image:

Google + cover image  gets great space and one needs to know how smartly they can use the given space for the brand and product. It's appropriate size is 1080 × 608 px. One can put his Logo picture here or better he shows his creativity in filling the given space.

  • Google+ Shared Image:

           The pictures should be 497 px in width. Images will be resized if they exceed 497 px and small images will be stretched out to be fit in the size.

 This little guide and few advices will be helpful in the long run and next time there won't be any mistake while uploading the pictures in different sites.

Using images in a blog is challenging these days. Learn how to make your image and a blog rise to the top of the search list.

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