Gone are the days when customers visited shops to buy products. Now, this business has turned online with an e-commerce website. In today's era, people don't find to visit a shop and buy things. This has given rise to the increase in online shopping portals. As many online shopping websites have started to rise, people prefer the one which is highly captivating and get easily navigated. Many e-commerce sites have started offering mobile-friendly versions to encourage customers to buy more products. Below are the few e-commerce trends which are a boon to help your business bloom.

Mobile friendly design

Earlier web designers had to struggle with embedded scripts which stood as an obstacle in designing mobile apps website development service in chennai. But the modern e-commerce sites have been designed with the smooth user experience. Shopping via mobile has broken all other forms of shopping. Research says sales through mobile e-commerce site is pushing up. So it is necessary to adapt to this trend and have a mobile-friendly app.


Never get misguided by the concept that templates are a sign of laziness or they lack creativity. But this is not true. Templates work well with smartphones as they have the same design and layout. Also, you can customize the template as there is plenty of room and space. Many websites tend to follow the same design principle on which the Material Design is based on best seo services in chennai

Loading & Layout:

In the context of an e-commerce website, loading time refers to the product listings. The site which loads efficiently is preferred by the customers rather than the ones which take time. Therefore instead of 100 products, just load 10-15 products and let the users scroll to the bottom of the page.

Hamburger menus

Hamburger menus are in trend best seo company in chennai for few years and will continue to be. They are easily accessible and navigable as they help to hide or reveal menus as or when necessary. This works perfectly fine even with smaller screens.

Payment Process

Most of the online shopping customers have started making payments online rather than cash on delivery. Smooth payment procedure makes the customer revisit the website. So it is necessary to create a mobile-friendly site with smooth payment procedure to attract the users.


Animated GIF's are being intensively used by most mobile users. They are not large files, but a single gif on each page adds up data. Midway between an animated and still image is Cinemographs. This is generally an image which features a text animation over it. In some case, a small section of the image itself is animated.


Adaptation is not something new. But in the present scenario, websites get adapted not only to the devices but to the users as well. A website would reorder itself based on the user's age, a color they look for and visual acuity. Personalized computing experience is to be set as a big part for future innovation.

Bright colors

One of the utmost trend to be kept in mind is - the usage of bright colors. This trend has been really assisting in grabbing the attention of the different category of users. Hence be prepared and stay updated on using live colors in web design

The success of many e-commerce sites is their web presence. In order to succeed in this business, market research is the most important. Also, you should keep yourself updated with adapted to the recent trend, as this can gain more customers and drive traffic.

Shopping on the internet using a mobile or desktop is called online shopping. Let us see how this actually works.

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