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How Digital Marketing Will Change? "Predictions 2020"

The landscape of marketing is constantly changing, and if you don't keep up, your business will miss out the traffic and growth it needs. Imagine if market leaders used the same strategies and tools they used years ago. They wouldn't be able to appeal to their target audiences, and competitors will run over your business. Keeping up with trends and observing predictions is important if you're going to advance your business and market to consumers the way they want. Here are few digital marketing predictions businesses need to pay attention to in 2020


A lot of changes are taking place in the search engine industry and SEOs updates are happening constantly.

Google's new update took back business leaders and analysts to relook their strategies and their impact in the SEO world.

Google's BERT is an open-sourced neural network-based technique for natural language processing pre-training.

This breakthrough was a result of Google search on transformers, models that help to analyse and link words with each other in a sentence, rather than one-by-one in order.

These changes can directly affect and give hints to improve search engine page results.

BERT - Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers

Applying BERT with search engines can affect both the result pages and featured snippets. Google now focuses only to project the most relevant results for the user's query.

Here are examples that Google used to highlight the effect of BERT models:

Google can now understand the intention behind a query easily

According to Google, Optimizing for BERT cease to exist since there is 'nothing to optimize'.

However, SEO experts always have ways of understanding an algorithm update in a creative and unique way that allows to come up with strategies that help a website to survive ever-changing algorithms.

If your website only focuses on keyword density and keyword placement without considering the quality and naturalness of your content, then this update will be the devil of your business.

As already mentioned, BERT focuses on the context of the words inside the sentence. So,

  • Avoid pretentious, fancy and unnecessary names
  • Focus on straight forward, on point and direct contents
  • Add useful, relevant and new information that is helpful for the readers

Optimizing your content for your users is the only way to make Google's search engine understand you better.

In 2020, you're not only optimizing content for users but you're also helping search engines better understand the content your brand is putting out.


Artificial Intelligence is slowly gaining dominance in many business and industrial applications worldwide, including Digital marketing. If you have not noticed yet, it a loss for your business.

In 2019, Harvard Business Review predicted that AI would be the most pervasive feature among new and upcoming software services, products and applications by 2020.

As much as 84% of businesses believe that AI will give them a competitive advantage.

Up to 75% say they can enter new markets and move into new businesses through AI     

Japan, South Korea, US and Russia came up with a strategy that includes an Industrial Roadmap and focuses the development of AI for public's use from 2020-2025 and builds an ecosystem connecting multiple domains by the end of 2025.

Various countries focus on R&D for AI, collaboration between industry, government and academia to advance AI research to address areas related to productivity, welfare and mobility. 

Artificial Intelligence can be implemented in service area that include Basic communication, Email personalization, E- commerce industry, Product recommendations, Content creation, User assistance and Customer service.

Qualcomm is launching its new AI-Enabled Snapdragon processor in 2020 that will be able to perform 15 trillion operations per second with efficiency.

This will improve all AI-based services in phones like real-time virtual assistants, photography, AI translations. etc. 

Google-owned Nest, the learning thermostat can now be voice-controlled by Alexa, uses behavioural algorithms to learn your heating and cooling needs, thus adjusting the temperature in your home or office based on your personnel needs.


Immersive technologies are shifting from hype to reality, helping to create value across various economy and society.

Dynamic brands and businesses are looking for innovative technologies that are aimed at enhancing the consumer experience and engagement to increase sales.

For years, businesses have been experimenting with VR and AR technologies to improve customer engagement.

2020 is the year where these concepts will finally accomplish as a viable digital marketing tool.

By the year 2022, up to 25% of enterprises will deploy Immersive Technologies, while the other 70% will start to experiment with this engagement tool.

Designers at Volkswagen have begun to experiment them in AR to tailor a car's look, feel and drive to eliminate errors in advance. 

AR lens and filters are now commonly used for social media marketing and customers are already able to use VR.

Lowe's in-store VR Holoroom allows customers to sample household products before making a purchase.

XR is educating children by taking them to places they've never seen, providing therapies for those with physical or psychological disabilities, and helping health workers learn new skills.


Blur the line between what's expected and what you deliver

Neuromarketing is a revolutionizing technology that measures and analyses targeted client's brain activity as well as their nervous system in an attempt to identify the types of content they prefer and are more susceptible to engagement.

It can help a digital agency to formulate ads, contents and website designs based on these neural data to satisfy their clients one hundred percent.

You can use this information to optimize your content, regulate your strategies and improve the success rate of your marketing campaigns.

Spark Neuro, a Neuro analytics company that evaluate emotion and attention to optimize advertising and entertainment.

The company with a mix of biometrics, neural metrics and algorithms analyze the emotion levels and attention-grabbing rate to help marketers figure out contents that attract customers.


Image drives more interest for the viewer, More images can only mean good things for a business

Gallery ads interactive ads that sit at the top of the mobile SERP. Early testing shows that gallery ads drive 25% more engagement than standard ads.

Google is planning to launch Gallery ads in early-2020.

Google's Gallery ads are the equivalent of Facebook carousel ads and will only appear on mobile devices.

For travel, fashion, food or fitness industry, visually appealing images can be a big part to attract your potential customers, you can showcase up to eight images along with your heading and description when somebody searches for your product or service.

This strategy focuses to provide dedicated mobile campaigns to have a separate budget for mobile advertising to get coveted the first spot and dominate the results page.

The other reason you should feel confident about gallery ads is that a similar concept - carousel ad - has proven to work on Facebook and Instagram.

Juju, a company of 12 people sell embroidery designs. With a Facebook carousel ad campaign, they achieved an 18x improvement and exceeded their cost per purchase goal by a mile.

City Beach, a beach lifestyle brand used carousel ads to drive a 52% increase in sales.


Google can now understand natural language better than ever

Experts predict that voice search will comprise half of all queries, as most searches are done on mobile devices.

Voice search plays an important role in providing audio information to reach more audio-centric customers.

Voice searches use informal language and questions instead of keywords. When doing a voice search, user's ask as they would normally speak.

This changes the keyword research. Instead of keyword targeting, aim for question-based searches instead.

Creating content that directly answers the query can make your business visible to potential customers.

Keep your tone conversational, Google's latest update BERT lets the search engine understand the context of searches instead of a particular keyword.

Many brands began including voice-based search results to come one step closer to their customers.

PayPal users can use SIRI to send money to their friends, family and business.

Nestle created an algorithm that provides voice instructions to cook.

Patron’s tequila has seen huge success by using smart speakers.

Even if your brand is not ready for smart speaker ads, you can at least add voice search for your contents.


In 2020, customers will expect a frictionless experience on all channels, including mobile devices. However, conversion rates on mobile devices currently lag compared to those on desktop.

76% of the world's population will own a Smartphone at the end of 2020

Adults spend 7 hours per day online on social media

56% of every purchase is influenced by a digital device

82% of consumers turn to mobile to know more about a product

Your consumers are already online, you should only create appealing product placements and campaigns to attract them towards your brand

Investing in new technologies such as AMP & PWA to stay ahead of the tribe

Begin to tailor experiences to different consumer search behaviours

Implement advanced measurement techniques to better map the customer journey

AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages

PWA means Progressive Web App

It is quite important to get your brand and business up to speed with the current digital marketing trends to keep your business ahead of the game and your competition. The trends described above provide an overview of the innovative concepts, technological advances and upcoming strategies that will shape the digital marketing arena this year and beyond.

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