Case Study

Brownie Heaven Received a Plateful of Success With an Ecommerce Website

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Today people are ready to spend their money on exquisite food extensively, and deserts undoubtedly share a significant portion of that expenditure. Customers are looking for brands that cannot satiate their sugar cravings but also provide them with a taste of uniqueness that attracts them towards the brand.

Today everyone wants to get their needs fulfilled from the comforts of their home, and there’s no denying the fact that eCommerce is such a popular phenomenon these days. From getting groceries to clothes, everything is now available at doorsteps with the help of eCommerce websites. To start an eCommerce business, every company need a website that perfectly visualizes their ideas and aligns the products in an appealing manner.

Brownie Heaven Needed an Ecommerce Realm ASAP!

Brownie Heaven is a popular bakery that is known for making freshly baked brownie that can make your mouth water. Certainly, they had a prominent name in the market and among the offline customers who have trusted them for years. But, they were certainly missing on some new customers that were online.
People loved their services, but they wished Brownie Heaven had an eCommerce site from where they can order their favourite brownies. For some years, Brownie Heaven remained neglected to the dire need of an eCommerce site, but soon they realized that their business is witnessing a downfall and a missing eCommerce endeavour might be the reason.
It was high time that Brownie Heaven invested on an eCommerce site and rebuilt their prominence in the market. An eCommerce can ideally give them exposure in the digital market. This way, they will not only be able to bring back their lost customers, but they can also cultivate a much stronger base of customers. The next obstacle was to find the ideal web developers who can assist them in availing an eCommerce website.

Brownie Heaven’s Sales Was on Cloud Nine after the Ecommerce Investment

7stonesgroup helped Browne Heaven in crafting a reliable eCommerce website that not only aligned their offerings appealingly but also revamped the site altogether. Keeping the needs of the customers’ in mind and adhering to their expectations, an intuitive and interactive eCommerce website was developed for Brownie Heaven that made them increase their conversion.
Today, Brownie Heaven’s online sales have exceeded their offline ones with the help of an eCommerce website. The menu section is beautifully done with attractive icons and chromatic colour combination that are sure to captivate customers’ attention. The blog, newsletter and social media pages are the new sections that were added into the website for the superior approach.

Ecommerce Website Turned The Tables For Brownie Heaven

With an eCommerce site at hand, businesses can accelerate their growth in this digital market. That’s exactly what Brownie Heaven did when they were witnessing a downfall in their sales.
By articulating their products onto an eCommerce website, Brownie Heaven could claim back their prominence and position in the market. Now they have successfully built a strong base of customers that loves to order their fresh brownies to savour the richness of the chocolate.