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From SMEs to global brands, from technical audits to global SEO strategy- you name it; we have it at 7 Stones Digital, the supreme SEO Company in Chennai.7 Stones Digital has SEO as its soul, focussing on providing positive ROI results to the clients in an around Chennai & Bangalore. With a client-centred approach, our Company base at 7 Stones Digital has a synergy between its in-house teams –from Marketing or UX to PR or Social. Its in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of Search Engine and the complex aspects of Organic Search Marketing helps us to chart a web optimization strategy with SEO in mind.

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Technical SEO

We also ensure the auditing and monitoring of your site to adhere..


E-Commerce SEO

E-com sites has to be truly selective as it has to increase organic traffic..


International SEO

Our Search expertise combined with our resources from our global..


Baidu SEO

Baidu reigns supreme as the No.1 Search Engine of China and boasts of..

When ignorance of Search engines principles can really create destructive effects for your website, our SEO team at 7 Stones Digital make a world of difference by anticipating your needs and fulfilling them with an extra plus.

While Google is the instant name associated with SEO, the ever-booming Bing cannot be ignored. Nor can we ignore Baidu SEO which is the most preferred search engine in China.

Best SEO Company In Chennai - Our extensive global experience and constant touch with contemporary trends gives us a cutting edge in the field of search engine optimization.

7 Stones Digital - the cutting edge for Search Engine Optimization in Chennai!

Technical SEO

To structure Search Engine Optimization for a technical site involves real back-breaking work.After intensive research our Tech Team ensures compliance of your site to industry standards while implementing the Search Engine Optimization For Your Company.

We also ensure the auditing and monitoring of your site to adhere to this compliance and make it future-proof against all changes expected across major search platforms.

E-Commerce SEO

Optimization for E-com sites has to be truly selective as it has to increase organic traffic, the leads from organic traffic and improve visitor metrics to your site.

All this and more can be achieved only through our E-com Team at 7 Stones Digital

Our specialists here have mastered the nuances of using expired domains to increasing the effective crawl of faceted nav Links.

Engage in the dynamics of the ever-changing E-com SEO only at 7 Stones Digital

International SEO

Count on our global experience in the field of Search Engine when you select 7 Stones Digital - the ultimate SEO Company in Chennai. Our Search expertise combined with our resources from our global partners enables us to offer proper positioning of your brand in different languages.

International SEO at 7 Stones Digital - the world at your doorstep!

Baidu SEO

After the exit of Google form the Chinese market in 2010, Baidu SEO reigns supreme as the No.1 Search Engine of China and boasts of being the 7th biggest in the world. Other search engines like Sougou and Qihoo 360 also share the local market in China.

Although the fundamentals of SEO services are common universally, the features of each individual search engine differs .Hence Baidu SEO is significantly different from Google SEO.

At 7 Stones Digital - we have mastered the mechanisms of Baidu SEO while surmounting the language barrier.

For Baidu SEO - 7 Stones is the place to go!

Keyword Research

Keywords are the backbone of Search Engine Optimization. To achieve the best visibility for your website, opt for keyword research from our 7 Stones Digital Team.

Our multilingual ability ensures that the research is not just translated but optimised for each market.

Through content optimization, competitor analysis and Meta data targeting strategies, our Keyword Research Team at 7 Stones Digital, a Chennai SEO Company offers the most original Keywords for website optimization.

Keyword Research - correct and complete only at 7 Stones Digital! Residing at Chennai & Bangalore

Why our SEO is the best in Chennai?

E-Commerce SEO, Think Social Media, talk SEO!

This has become the mantra of today’s digital marketing world. Every company in today’s digital world wants to establish itself on social media. To reach the topmost position on the search results of any search engine, one must optimize the content of the website. This process called Search Engine Optimization has to be done perfectly, professionally and meticulously.

SEO is a powerful weapon

Search Engine Optimization is a powerful weapon in the hands of the Digital Marketer to attain sure success. For rewarding Results, one has to optimize SEO carefully by choosing Keywords sensibly, positioning them correctly, and projecting them to the top of the Search Engine results.

SEO requires exhaustive research

Careful choice of keywords, content optimization and more.7 Stones Digital is adept at handling SEM and knows Search Engine Optimization like the back of its hand. With a discerning eye for the latest trends on Social Media, 7 Stones Digital performs exhaustive Keyword Search after thorough analysis of the brand’s strengths, weakness and competitor scenario to structure your Search results.

ROI positive results

7 Stones Digital is just as adept at working with global brands across markets as they are with SME’s looking to break into niche segment. Be it a small scale technical audit or producing a global SEO strategy, 7 Stones Digital, is always focused on providing ROI positive results for our clients Around In Chennai and Bangalore

Effective implementation

Precise planning, structured strategy and effective implementation are the hallmarks of 7 Stones Digital. The only Company in Chennai that offers professional SEO services with a personal touch- 7 Stones Digital- it is just right for you!

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