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Promote your apps with the world’s top publishers, paying only for actual installs, not for impressions or clicks. We help your apps make a grand presence on app stores.

Process we follow


Target Audience

Surveying the industry and competitors can help with identifying..


App Store

An apps’ title, screenshots, description and included keywords..


Content Calendar

An editorial calendar is the easiest way to plan ahead when..


Viral Component

We create an editorial calendar a few months an advance..

Process we follow
Research Your Target Audience

Surveying the industry and competitors can help with identifying audiences to target with content. Begin searching for thematic blogs, articles, and interviews relevant to your app.

A. Defining the Right Audience
B. Understanding The Challenges of Your Target Audience
App Store Optimization (ASO)

An apps’ title, screenshots, description and included keywords make a huge impact on whether or not it gets discovered among app store search engines. Optimizing for this is thus incredibly important.

Create a Content Calendar

If you already have a site or blog that’s designed to deliver value over time, it should also be leveraged to engage with potential app users via relevant and interesting owned content during the course of an app launch and beyond via burst campaigns. An editorial calendar is the easiest way to plan ahead when executing your content strategy as it will help you map out posts on a consistent basis for maximum exposure.

We create an editorial calendar a few months an advance, defining main publication topics and seasonal posts, while leaving space for industry news and trends updates.

Create Buzz Around an App Launch

An app launch is the best time for getting exposure on industry blogs and media channels. Just as burst campaigns help to acquire critical user growth for a new app, media exposure can put an app on the map and increase the number of organic downloads over time. Try to leverage significant audiences by getting your app reviewed by those who matter the most in the industry. How? Just by asking them the right way.

A.Create a Pitch
B.Find Niche Bloggers
C.Just Keep Pitching
Add a Viral Component

Most of us know that you can increase content outreach tenfold by producing something that gets shared. And that kind of world of mouth marketing is more effective than outdated and untrusted methods of direct advertising. By adding some shareable elements to your content, you can incentivize people to spread the word about your app to their family, friends, peers and even followers online.

A. Emotion
B. Vanity
C. Value
D. Nostalgia
Establish a Community

Apps serve as a place where people with similar interests, needs and values connect. By adding a social layer to an app, you can create a community around it. Doing so will result in a group of loyal and engaged users, who not only use your app but also act as advocates.

Retarget Interested Users

If someone has visited your website or blog and spent some time reading your content, chances are, they could also be interested in installing your app. By segmenting users who previously showed interest in an app or app-related content with retargeting, you can stay top of mind and increase your chances of continued engagement.

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